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Helping Haiti's Children Help Themselves

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Jesus's new command is that we love each other just as HE loved us. There is no greater love than to give up oneself for another. No matter where they may live all God's children need our love and in turn will give love to another.

Our Mission

The Christian School of New Vision is a non-profit Christian mission dedicated to creating caring communities for children who are victims of poverty, neglect or abuse. The program is operating in the communities of La Jeune, Hide, Donne, and Sylvain in the mountains of Northern Haiti.


History of Christian School of New Vision:

Gitzy, Ludlunde, Moviette, Rose Marie, Ludner, Ludskandel, and Ludska

     Ludner St. Amour of La Jeune, Haiti is the son of a farmer and he also farms to feed his wife and five children.  He raises sugar cane and has a sugar cane press to make syrup.  He learned English as a child playing with missionary children who lived nearby.  They taught him English and he taught them Haitian Creole.  While he had only a few years of formal education, he showed great promise and was taught to type by a missionary.  He typed and translated letters for her.  He is frequently used as a translator for visiting pastors.
     In 1995, Lunder started the Christian School of New Vision to provide a Christian education and a meal for the poor, orphan children in his area.  He believes that through education, people can escape the anquish of poverty and provide change for the small corner of the world in which they live.


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